July 2020

The design features seven different modules for mounting to everyday urban posts such as signposts, in order to reinterpret ordinary functional areas as ”playspaces“. Bright colours and an intuitive design invite passersby to park their bike, take a seat and have a coffee, draw with crayons, relax on a swing, kick a ball through a hoop or even attach their own hammock. Installation is straightforward, and the modules can be moved up or down on the post for adjustment or simply be folded up when not in use.

This thesis project was developed in the summer of 2020 and envisions a post-pandemic urban future. The aim was to rethink mundane, functional inner-city places as spaces for play. For far too long, the development of cities has been dictated by the logic of the market, so that today office blocks alternate with shops along wide roads, with a plethora of signs and posts. The city of the future should instead offer places for meeting and participation, serving the people not the car. Street posts could be equipped with the ”playspace“ modules, which offer a range of activities for adults and children alike, bringing people together in the streets. Our cities could thus become more playable, appropriable and sustainable.

"Playspace" was selected among the finalist proposals of the design competition "Tactical Urbanism NOW!" by TerraViva Competitions. View the proposal