February 2020

AVOID is a fashion collection which aims to tackle the issue of lacking privacy in a digitized and connected world. The project involved a lot of background work on surveillance mechanisms in our society and the uncertainty people feel when it comes to their data and how it is being tracked. After a period of intense material research the AVOID collection emerged as a „wearable dead zone“ that uses tufted copper shielding materials to provide the wearer with simple privacy tools.

AVOID consists of a hooded pullover and a fanny pack. The shielding material used lets the user take over control of the connectivity of his or her devices. In times you feel like being „offline“, cell phones, smart watches or wallets with NFC-enabled cards can simply be packed in the shielded pockets. The large hood provides protection from surveillance cameras, which are typically located above face level. Plus, the fanny pack includes a built-in voice jammer using ultrasonic sounds, which will confuse microphones, but not conversations.